The Optigraph technology allows to manufacture HOPG of any fancy shape



doubly bent
x-ray optics

Our company Optigraph GmbH is one of the three original manufacturers of HOPG in the world. We develop, fabricate and deliver different graphite-based products, primarily x-ray optics. Our main product is Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite (HOPG). We have more than 20 years experience and technological “know-how” in manufacturing this material. As the original HOPG manufacturer, we have the opportunity to deliver our products directly to the customers at the best quality/price ratio.

Being the most known and widely used monochromators, conventional flat and slightly singly-bent HOPG monochromators does not fully comply with the requirements on the new-generation instrumentation and challenges proposed by capillary optics and multilayers. The idea of strongly-bent and doubly-bent graphite monochromators is becoming more and more attractive due to the possibility of realizing large solid angles of capture and focusing the collected radiation. Optigraph met this challenge by proposing in 1987 the innovative technology of manufacturing doubly-bent and small-radii HOPG and became the leader on the market of doubly-bent graphite monochromators and HOPG-based x-ray optics.

Our HOPG substrates for STM and AFM have the same grade on both sides that guaranties the high quality of freshly cleaved surface even after multiple peeling the substrate. It also increases the number of possible “cleavages” for every substrate.

We offer also pyrolytic graphite for thermal management, which is available in the form of plates and films of different thickness. It can be used for controlling heat fluxes and cooling due to its extra-high thermo-conductivity.


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