Doubly-bent graphite monochromators  

The Optigraph technology allows to manufacture HOPG of any fancy shape



Optigraph offers a wide range of single- and double-bent monochromators, including small radius cylinder, cone, sphere, toroid, paraboloid, etc. The size is not limited and can be arbitrary. The crystal thickness is usually optimized according to the application under consideration. Mosaic spread depends on the film thickness and can be reduced to 0.1º for the 10 µm films. For mostly used crystal thickness of 200 µm the mosaicity is 0.4º+/-0.1º. The combination of monochromatizing and focusing properties of strongly bent HOPG crystals allows to obtain higher intensities in focal spots as compared with standard flat crystals. Doubly bent monochromators are delivered only on suitable moulds.

Log spiral of revolution (plexiglas substrate) [Ref.17,18,19,20]

Ellipsoidal HOPG (aluminium substrate) [Ref.26]

Spherical HOPG [Ref.21]

HOPG cylindrical crystal (20 mm radius) and the scheme of von Hamos spectrometer [Ref.23,24]

Cylindrically bent HOPG crystals and dispersion filters (radii from 5 mm to 20 mm) on aluminium substrate [Ref.7,11]

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